The English Shetland Sheepdog Club


Buying a Sheltie Puppy


If you are interested in buying a Sheltie puppy, our local puppy registers should be able to put you in touch with reputable hobby breeders who have puppies available. Breeders they recommend should be members of the Club and signed up to our Rules and Code of Ethics. Contact information is as follows:

Puppy Registers:

1. Midlands

Mrs M Dunn

01922 683931

2. East Midlands

Miss S Taylor

0115 952 4888

3. East Anglia

Mrs F Salmon

01371 810562


4. Watling

Mrs V Winfield

01707 656077

5. Chilterns

Mrs S Atkins

01865 820693

6. South East


7. BDS

Mrs J Ellis

01984 640724

8. South West

Mr G B Osborne

01736 752249




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