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Show Results - Summer 2010, Bearley, Stratford-upon-Avon

Best in Show: Miles' Milesend Most Appealing
Res Best in Show: Roberts' Stevlyn Coppersmith at Malaroc JW
Best Opposite Sex: Roberts' Stevlyn Coppersmith at Malaroc JW
Best Puppy in Show: Stott's Sherkarl Look-At-Me
Best Veteran in Show: Godson's Brettsglade Fiery Fantasy at Bralive


Dogs - Mrs Maureen Bywater (Tachnamadra)

Bitches - Mr Roger Bathurst (Auldlyn)

Class 1 Minor Puppy Dog

Class 13 Veteran Bitch

1. Sandiacre Sea of Stars at Benravia

2. Milesend Gold Award

3. Mountland Mid Summer Time

1. Brettsglade Fiery Fantasy at Bralive

2. Bervera Tanzanite at Silvaquest

3. Franmead Fine Line Sh.CM

Class 2 Puppy Dog

Class 14 Minor Puppy Bitch

1. Eljetia Bumble Bee of Milesend

2. Timo Tosini V. 't Maartenshuis

3. Oakcroft Goldsmith

1. Mohnesee Timeless Dream

2. Edglonian Nightcap

3. Felthorn Lindy Hop

Class 3 Junior Dog

Class 15 Puppy Bitch

1. Japaro Midnight Storm at Lavika

2. Stanydale Sheaffer

3. Sonymer Great Expectations at Kesalko

1. Sherkarl Look-At-Me

2. Sandiacre Sent From Heaven to Milesend

3. Milesend Gold Token at Eljetia

Class 4 Novice Dog

Class 16 Junior Bitch

1. Timo Tosini V. 't Maartenshuis

2. Oakcroft Goldsmith

3. Bartonview Star of David

1. Rainway Crystal Star JW

2. Moonlight Serenade by Blenmerrow

3. Mohnesee Maid of Islay at Lanacy

Class 5 Graduate Dog

Class 17 Novice Bitch

1. Stevlyn Coppersmith at Malaroc JW

2. Rainway Rhythm Rascal

3. Kyleburn Acis

1. Mohnesee Timeless Dream

2. Bleatarn Night Whispers at Sheldonora

3. Clembach Irresistible Ida

Class 6 Post Graduate Dog

Class 18 Graduate Bitch

1. Lianbray Lightning Strike JW

2. Kyleburn Acis

3. Kyleburn Croesus at Scalloway

1. Balidorn Mixed Emotions Sh.CM

2. Milesend Seaspray

3. Castlerose Madam Arcati JW

Class 7 Limit Dog

Class 19 Post Graduate Bitch

1. Nethercroft Perfect Storm by Penrave JW

2. Karmidale Limited Edition to Lanacy

3. Sandstar Rocket Man at Hillswick

1. Balidorn Mixed Emotions Sh.CM

2. Janetstown Julienne of Kimarg

3. Malaroc Melting Ice at Peartbrook

Class 8 Open Dog

Class 20 Limit Bitch

1. Shemist Goldmine for Shelridge

2. Ch Peerieglen Pickwick JW Sh.CM

3. Janetstown Juicemaster

1. Evad Magic Sapphire at Lianbray

2. Milesend Goodtimes at Lavika

3. Eljetia Bee My Valentine

Class 9 Sp Open Dog (Sable & White)

Class 21 Open Bitch

1. Shetlo River Island

2. Mountland Mid Summer Time

3. Blenmerrow Winter Wizard

1. Milesend Most Appealing

2. Tighness On Tiptoe

3. Rus Ch Stail Aikemuno Very Sweet for Heathbell vom

   Cheryldene (Imp) NAF TAF

Class 10 Sp Open Dog (Tricolour)

Class 22 Sp Open Bitch (Sable & White)

1. Lowick Black Pepper

2. Peerieglen Psyche

3. Castlerose Talk of The Devil

1. Graindale Graceful Sommer with Jotars

2. Balidorn Mixed Emotions Sh.CM

3. Glensanda Genevieve JW Sh.CM

Class 11 Sp Open Dog (Blue Merle)

Class 23 Sp Open Bitch (Tricolour)

1. Ch Peerieglen Pickwick JW Sh.CM

2. Blue Ranger of Neraklee

3. Myter Limited Edition for Bordamour

1. Franmead Fine Line Sh.CM

2. Sandwick Twist of Fate JW

3. Burnmist Katrina

Class 12 Veteran Dog

Class 24 Sp Open Bitch (Blue Merle)

1. Callart The Flame Thrower



1. Castlerose Blithe Spirit JW Sh.CM

2. Malaroc Melting Ice at Peartbrook

3. Samphrey Bitta Sweet


All Photos courtesy of PetPhotosbyLana



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