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Show Results - Championship Show 2017, KC Building, Stoneleigh

Best in Show & Dog CC : Aaron Lafitte De Moorstile Chez Shelridge JW
Res BIS, Best Opposite Sex, Bitch CC & Best Veteran in Show: Miles Ch Milesend Milkshake
Res Dog CC: Bray Lianbray Lothario JW
Res Bitch CC: Bywater Ch Tachnamadra Evisu
Best Puppy Dog & Best Puppy in Show: Durant Neraklee Starblaze

Best Puppy Bitch: Isdale Viewdale Tri To Please

Best Veteran Dog: Mackie Ch Shebaville Secret Mission




Dogs - Mr Albert Wight (Sharval)

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Bitches - Miss June Rutterford (Stormhead)
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Class 1 Minor Puppy Dog

Class 18 Minor Puppy Bitch

1. Lavika Lush Life

2. Kyleburn Romulus

3. Terriwood Scotch Measure

4. Sherkarl Majic Touch

5. Tooralie's Never Say Never

1. Viewdale Tri To Please

2. Sanscott Sweet Serenity at Mohnesee

3. Clanavon Forget Me Not

4. Sanscott Shimmer at Jontygray

5. Lavika Time Of My Life

Class 2 Puppy Dog

Class 19 Puppy Bitch

1. Neraklee Starblaze

2. Molson Mr Blue Sky

3. Sandwick Stagelight

4. Reubicia Rhyan joins Auberswell


1. Esterbon Three Kisses for Tighness

2. Eljetia Hot Chocolate of Milesend

3. Sanscott Sweet Serenity at Mohnesee

4. Sanscott Shimmer at Jontygray

5. Shelcrest Starling TAF

Class 3 Junior Dog

Class 20 Junior Bitch

1. Lianbray Lothario JW

2. Sandwick Stagelight

3. Sheltysham Nut Box in Alnmac

4. Pepperhill Cruise Control

5. Viewdale Cuddly Dudley

1. Rannerdale Queen O'the North JW

2. Ferrimere Fun 'N' Games

3. Shemist Dark Angel

4. Milesend Sea Pearl

5. Kelmstone Rosemary

Class 4 Yearling Dog

Class 21 Yearling Bitch

1. Lafitte De Moorstile Chez Shelridge JW

2. Tachnamadra He's Got The Look

3. Sheltysham Nut Box in Alnmac

4. Milesend Morning Time

1. Amoureye Blue Mist of Milesend

2. Dawnville So What's The Gossip

3. Lanteague Stage Whisper at Lochkaren JW

4. Lizmark Blue Lalique
Milesend Sea Pearl

Class 5 Novice Dog

Class 22 Novice Bitch

1. Lavika Lush Life

2. Molson Moon River

3. Sandwick Stagelight

1. Stanydale Luck Be A Lady

2. Lavika Love Charm

3. Esterbon Three Kisses for Tighness

4. Lavika Time Of My Life

5. Tooralie's I Spie with Willowthorn

Class 6 Tyro Dog

Class 23 Tyro Bitch

1. Milesend Blue Raider at Lowick

2. Pacarane Polar Stormtime

3. Milesend Morning Time

1. Shadoway Rosa Esmerelda

2. Lavika Love Charm

3. Esterbon Three Kisses for Tighness
4. Sanscott Sweet Serenity at Mohnesee

5. Tooralie's I Spie with Willowthorn

Class 7 Graduate Dog

Class 24 Graduate Bitch

1. Kyleburn Everlasting Dream

2. Castlerose Star Turn JW

3. Lirren Tri Wishing

4. Malaroc Wordsmith at Ghostland

5. Shadoway Lucky Strike

1. Shenachie Lyric Of Light

2. Lundecocks Cover Girl at Tachnamadra

3. Ruscombe Mosaic

4. Shelridge Chantilly Lace at Lianbray JW

5. Milesend Sweet Melody at Keycharm

Class 8 Post Graduate Dog

Class 25 Post Graduate Bitch

1. Stanydale Shot In The Dark JW

2. Philhope Buzzword

3. Kyleburn Everlasting Dream

4. Tegens Astrakan at Molson (Imp)

5. Achor's Surprise Percy Polaris For Torinska (Imp)

1. Briggsview Opalesque

2. Lindfern Bee Enchanted JW

3. Mohnesee Diamonds 'n' Pearls JW

4. Tolarock Such A Treat

5. Milesend Jubilee Spirit

Class 9 Mid Limit Dog

Class 26 Mid Limit Bitch

1. Sheltysham Burnished Gold

2. Esterbon's Classic Illusion

3. Sheltisha Light My Fire at Emmaview

4. Midday Sun at Lochkaren JW

1. Lavika Lucky Star JW

2. Herds Halicia at Illiad

3. Myter Trade Secret JW

4. Willowgarth Love Story at Malaroc

5. Peartbrook Sky Blue

Class 10 Limit Dog

Class 27 Limit Bitch

1. Jontygray Gilt Edged for Franmead JW

2. Sherkarl Uptown Funk JW ShCM

3. Malaroc Mystery Writer JW

4. Carolelen Country Fair at Honeybears

5. Terriwood Moonlight Echo

1. Willowtarn Time To Frolic

2. Shellamoyed My Blue Heaven JW

3. Felthorn Lindy Hop

4. Briggsview Opalesque
5. Lorainian Starlight Wonder

Class 11 Open Dog

Class 28 Open Bitch

1. Ch Hawk Blue Eye Des Romarins de Mayerling joins Auberswell JW (Imp)

2. Multi Ch Napoleone Di Bonaparte Van 't Nevelse

3. Lavika Time Will Tell at Milesend

4. Ch Willowgarth Baileys Gold ShCM

5. Morestyle Crushed Ice

1. Ch Milesend Milkshake

2. Lianbray Locked In Love JW

3. Tolarock Ice Ice Babe JW

4. Shebaville Saucy Secret at Illiad
5. Ch Sanscott Sweet City Woman JW

Class 12 Veteran Dog

Class 29 Veteran Bitch

1. Ch Shebaville Secret Mission

2. Lorainian Kaeto Star

3. Ch Mistmere Blackthorn at Shelridge JW
4. Edglonian Lets Rock at Bleatarn
5. Shenachie Night Jar

1. Ch Tachnamadra Evisu

2. Ch Milesend Gold Token at Eljetia JW

3. Ch Rannerdale Star O' The North JW

4. Willowtarn Twice As Nice

5. Rainelor Ramani

Class 13 Sp Open Dog (Sable & White)

Class 30 Open Bitch (Sable & White)

1. Fait Moi Rever Jocker des Romarins de Mayerlling at Auberswell ShCM

2. Lorainian Mr Bojangles at Sherkarl JW ShCM

3. Ch Philhope Star Struck

4. Dippersmoor Star Gazer by Tooralie ShCM

5. Edglonian Lets Rock at Bleatarn

1. Ch Willowgarth Tangerine Lace at Mohnesee JW ShCM

2. Rainway Returning to Seavall

3. Milesend Jubilee Spirit

4. Janetstown Je Suis JW ShCM

5. Elinworb Elsinore of Clemwood

Class 14 Sp Open Dog (Tricolour)

Class 31 Sp Open Bitch (Tricolour)

1. Ch Shemist Black Wizard
2. Fernach Don't Stop Me Now at Colroy IKC

3. Gylmar Dreammaker

4. Pepperhill In The Moment at Valjon

5. Pacarane Polar Stormtime

1. Shougies Demi at Neraklee

2. Kyleburn Forever A Dream

3. Sandwick Prima Donna

4. Smiddyshaw Rumba Carumba

5. Arlanvic Eyecatcher joins Sanscott

Class 15 Sp Open Dog (Blue Merle)

Class 32 Sp Open Bitch (Blue Merle)

1. Castlerose Spiritmaster JW ShCM

2. Seavall Blakeney

1. Ch Rainway Crystal Star JW

2. Nl Ch Dawnville No Assembly Required

3. Lirren Blue Gamble at Donbely

4. Samphrey Shades Of Blue

Class 16 Sp Open Breeders Dog

Class 33 Sp Open Breeers Bitch

1. Ch Oakcroft Star Force JW

1. Tooralie's Matilda

2. Lavika Good Luck JW
3. Molson Midori Sunset

4. Ch Sanscott Sweet City Woman JW

5. Ch Rannerdale Queen Of Hearts JW

Class 17 Sp Open Working Dog

Class 34 Sp Open Working  Bitch

1. Sheltysham Burnished Gold

2. Shadoway Game Of Chance RL5ex

1. Sheltysham Medley Of Gold AW RL3

2. Sheltysham Miss Mayhem AW RL3 Beg Ex

3. Malaroc Miss Behaving

4. Lightning Lilly P Beg Ex

Class 35 Junior Handling 6-11 years

Class 36 Junior Handling 12-16 years


Judge: Mrs Jenny Martin (Ramtin)
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1. Emily Moores

2. Katya Robinson

3. Isobel Khawaja

4. Miley Ayres

1. Willow Johnson

Class 37 Special Award Puppy Dog or Bitch

Class 38 Special Award Graduate Dog or Bitch

Judge: Mr T Steele (Arthrug)

1. Esterbon Three Kisses For Tighness

2. Lavika Lush Life

1. Milesend Morning Time

2. Tachnamadra Toffee Apple

3. Tooralie's I Spie with Willowthorn

4. Milesend Sea Captain

Class 39 Special Award Open Dog or  Bitch

1. Ch Shemist Black Wizard

2. Lavika Lucky Star JW

3. Gymar Dreammaker



All Photos courtesy of PetPhotosbyLana
except Class 23 courtesy of Luds Fitzwater, Class 19, 25 & 37 courtesy of Shannon Sage, Class 16 courtesy of Udo Recker and
Classes 2 & 31 courtesy of Karen Durant




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